About Jeremy Coleman 
"That Pastor from Oklahoma"

Jeremy Coleman  is passionate about seeing communities become stronger by loving one another better. Jeremy is a pastor, speaker, podcaster, and content creator that focuses on challenging, empowering, and educating through the lens of his faith in Jesus.  Jeremy's mission is simple, "Love God and people passionately with no strings attached." 

Jeremy grew up in Oklahoma City, OK, and attended Putnam City High School. After graduating in 2007 he then attended Oklahoma Baptist University. Since 2008 Jeremy has served at churches in the Oklahoma panhandle, Tulsa, and the Oklahoma City Metro Area. 

In 2009 Jeremy married his wife Breonna. In 2014 Jeremy and Breonna welcomed their first daughter. They now have 4 children after adopting 2 beautiful girls, and 1 amazing boy in 2019. 

Today, Jeremy is working to serve an amazing online community that started on TikTok. Since November of 2020 Jeremy has connected with over 220,000 followers across the world. His passion for truly following Jesus is evident in his content and conversations about deconstruction, evangelicalism, current events, and loving our neighbors. 

"I just want people to know that Jesus loves them. That despite what the American church has said or done, God is still a good and loving God, and he loves us all. Just the way we are... Because he made us who we are." Coleman Said. 

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